The XINNIX 10X Challenge

Leaders, training is an investment, not an expense. Would you spend $1 to make $10 in profit? That’s what you can expect when you engage with XINNIX. And that’s why we’re launching the XINNIX 10X Challenge.

When you put 10 of your MVPs in any role—loan officer, producing manager, sales leader or recruiter—through XINNIX training, you will receive 10 times the return on investment. How do we know? The XINNIX process is proven. Here’s a recent case study:

  • A national top lender engaged XINNIX to train 10 loan officers
  • The investment — $13,000
  • The ROI — $134,376 net profit in 2 months
  • The projected net profit for 12 months — $806,256

Results like this are waiting for you. Your team’s success is worth the investment. Are you ready to take production to new heights? Enter your information to start the XINNIX 10x Challenge and have a XINNIX Account Executive call you today!