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Sales & Business Development

People say great things about XINNIX!

"If you are tired of watching your production fluctuate and feeling like you are stuck in a gerbil wheel, the XINNIX EDGE is for you. Tap into the unlimited possibility that’s inside of you."

C. Hampton
Loan Officer

“It is the absolute keys to your success. Follow this program before you lose another opportunity.”

M. Randolph

"I am a two time past student of XINNIX. I am RAVING fan and a success story. In December I was averaging $10 - 11 Million a year. The following year I closed just shy of $20 Million while growing my branch to $112 Million."

B. Sohan
Branch Manager

“IGNITE is a great program if you are struggling with consistency in your business. It is not easy!! Prepare yourself! Your life and business is about to change!!”

L. Gilmore

"Despite being a 20 year veteran in the business, I have never received anything comparable to the XINNIX training course. As a sales person I would go so far as to say I had never seen a product or program which offered a comparably formal and professional approach to sales training. XINNIX programs were professional and delivered the goods as well as being entertaining. Your message that sales is a profession which, if done properly, requires pride and consistent effort is critical in today's difficult environment."

S. Casey
Senior Mortgage Banker

"Last year I closed 1 loan in the first quarter. Because of IGNITE, this year I should have 7 in February and March!"

H. Forden

"It seems the XINNIX philosophies and practices have become second nature to us. We are marketing, contacting, prospecting, making touches, keeping track of who’s who in our referral database, etc. Simply implementing the XINNIX system has exploded our business."

C. Edwards
Mortgage Loan Officer

“I have started to break down walls that I would have never considered before.”

D. Carnahan

"Recently, I looked at my stats and I have closed 28 loans. All of last year I closed around 25. I continue to use the principles I learned during my class with you and it continues to pay huge dividends. I can't wait until I'm clocking 100 loans a year."

T. Mulvihill
Owner - Sr. Loan Officer

“…you changed my habits and helped me eliminate all the excuses.”

D. Carnahan

"It was a stretch personally for me to even consider the training and now, I cannot tell you how unbelievably rewarding it has been. I received 2 additional referrals after the class yesterday and worked late last night taking their loan apps. That's 7 referrals from one Realtor in a down market! All since sitting down with her asking the questions from the profile form! The accountability piece is great! I really appreciate it! It's not a question about having more knowledge; it's a question of executing. Have a plan, executing the plan, being accountable and making the commitment to your business."

L. Rogers
Branch Manager

“November was my best month ever with $1.8M, four of those closings were because of IGNITE.”

A. Kirby

"Absolutely love it! Very beneficial and the timing couldn't be better- when the refi's go away, I don't intend on taking a dip in income if I implement even half of what you've covered in class. I'm a big advocate of your training and you have a great ability to take a LOT of information (like the business plan template) and compile it into a much more digestible format. Thanks!"

T. Parke
Assistant Branch Manager

“I completed the EDGE Online series about six weeks ago and even after implementing the tools I learned in the first week I was able to increase my purchase applications week after week. I closed five purchases last month and have about 17 in my pipeline. Using the weekly contact tools and all of the processing and post-closing follow up, I have elevated old relationships and started new ones that catapulted me into a top loan originator within my market. If you follow the program you will increase your business and most importantly you will have a business and not be tied to a refinance/internet leads model as a career. Strongly recommend this for committed LO’s who are ready to increase their business.“

J. Gaffney
Home Mortgage Consultant

“After instituting the things I learned from XINNIX I have built quite a business. I concentrate on purchases and try to stay clear of refinances. I will close over 40 loans in a month! In this day and age for me to be able to say that I am going to make more money this year than ever in my life all I can say is GO XINNIX!!!! If people do not utilize your company they are crazy."

C. Flaherty
Branch Manager

"Here is the difference... XINNIX not only brings back those ideas on how to give world class service, but you give us the tools to easily and effectively put these processes into our business to ensure success. I’ve heard of other programs where you stop originating for 90 days to put a process into place. Most of us cannot afford to not originate for 90 days. What you have done is systematically given us the tools to put this system into place one week at a time while increasing our sales activities, improving our efficiencies, and ultimately closing more business."

R. Davidson
Sales Manager

"I have participated in many trainings over many years. I can honestly say yours were the best! I will not forget what you taught us. So many tools were shared...even if we only do some of them we will be better off! If we can fit them all in we will be in the top 1%! Thank you again so much. Your energy, style and caring really showed through. YOU ROCK ! :)"

C. Richard
Mortgage Consultant

"I have been through a number of sales training classes in my career - some have been good, some just so - so, a couple have been outstanding. The material you covered dealt with real world mortgage challenges. You offered practical strategies for each and mapped out an excellent action-oriented game plan for each. I really feel the material you covered has given me some new tools with which to address the current mortgage climate and will positively affect my career for years to come. More than just practical solutions, your presentations have been a breath of fresh air at a time when we really needed it. …to be exposed to your weekly pep talks and weekly demonstration of positive attitude and energy has been terrific."

R. Smith
Mortgage Consultant

“Our originators and managers wake up each day with a plan and a purpose and a well-defined measure of success. XINNIX taught some and reminded others the value of old-fashioned sales principles and discipline whose recipe results in success. XINNIX will transform a great group into an even better one.“

D. Jacobs
Managing Director of Retail Branching

"The course will have an immediate impact on increasing your production."

F. Wilson
Mortgage Loan Officer

"Take it – the ROI is high!"

M. Bonis
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

"I guarantee there are ideas here that you haven't thought of."

E. Cardona
Sr. Branch Manager

“XINNIX Training has been one of the best, most aggressive Sales Training that many of our Account Executives have enjoyed and even utilized many of the Sales Tools to help them do more business in these critical times to increase our market share in each of our regions.”

P. Kaiker
Regional Branch Manager

“I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes and giving me new perspectives in how to grow my business. I am going to try and submit the cleanest files from now on. You have successfully allowed me to identify which aspects of my submissions are lacking and how to fix the deficiencies. I have created 4 new signatures already, and they are very convenient and time-saving.”

G. Lombardo
Home Mortgage Consultant

"As a top producer, I am always looking for ways to be better. This class is a no-brainer for anyone looking to do the same and reach the next level. Thank you XINNIX."

L. Johnson
Mortgage Loan Originator

"Everything XINNIX provides is always top-notch. I always walk away from their training not only motivated and inspired, but most importantly, with tangible items to implement the proven practices and skills they have shared!"

G. Collier
Mortgage Loan Originator

"Best training company I have been training by in 26 years!"

J. Tiedeman
Sales Manager

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