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Corporate Solutions

People say great things about XINNIX!

“It seems the XINNIX philosophies and practices have become second nature to us. We are marketing, contacting, prospecting, making touches, keeping track of who’s who in our referral database, etc. Simply implementing the XINNIX system has exploded our business.”

C. Edwards
Mortgage Loan Officer

“XINNIX has an incredible reputation for delivering results. My sales team and I have experienced their superior training first hand. When I think sales and leadership training, I think of XINNIX.”

H. Cunningham

“As a consultant to the mortgage industry, we are exposed to hundreds of lenders nationally. The XINNIX reputation is simply exceptional.”

J. Cameron
Managing Director

“Despite being a 20-year veteran in the business, I have never received anything comparable to the XINNIX training course. As a sales person I would go so far as to say I had never seen a product or program which offered a comparably formal and professional approach to sales training. XINNIX programs were professional and delivered the goods as well as being entertaining. Your message that sales is a profession which, if done properly, requires pride and consistent effort is critical in today's difficult environment.”

S. Casey
Senior Mortgage Banker

“I heard Casey speak and her presentation absolutely blew me away! She is incredibly energetic and dynamic. Anyone who attends any of her presentations, or is coached by her will no doubt become more successful.”

M. Maiocca
Sales Manager/Mortgage Originator

“I had the pleasure of sitting through Casey’s presentation at our Chairman’s Club awards program. I was impressed beyond belief and took away many best practices. Excellent job on her end.”

J. Sorochinsky
Regional Mortgage Sales Manager

“Casey was an amazing trainer and speaker, her professionalism, material and presentations were really some of the best I attended in the past 20 years. Highly recommended."

O. Chavez
Mortgage Consultant

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