As we approach the end of 2018, it’s time to look back on what worked (and what didn’t) and strategically plan for an incredible 2019! This week, let’s talk about acquisition strategy.

No matter whether you are a loan officer or an executive, as you begin to review your year in business to plan for next year, you should ask yourself one question first: “What am I doing to get customers?” Your acquisition strategy is one of the primary factors that will determine your success.

Look closely at how you are positioning yourself to get future business. This is where you want to spend a lot of time and focus on creating the key activities and strategies that will drive more leads. Begin by reviewing where the majority of your leads generated from in 2018. When you come to an answer, look at what activities surrounded the acquisition of those leads. Are these daily actions that your team intentionally performs everyday? Can you implement more fully throughout your salesforce? What practices could be taking away from your lead generation? Your answers to these questions will determine the plan you put together for 2019!

Be sure to come back next week as we discuss retention strategy. Do you want to ensure 2019 is your best business year yet? We can help. CLICK HERE to contact the XINNIX Team!

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