We Can’t Stop Until We Start

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.” — Joe Saba.

Here we go. The first week of the year begins, and we are back at it, whatever “it” may be for each of us. Whether we claim 2021 as a huge success, miserable failure or anywhere in between, the good news is that we get to either build upon the successes, grow from the failures or jumpstart our way out of our comfort zone.

Heading into the new year, we get to choose what it is we want to start doing. For many of us, we thought about what it is that we want to stop doing instead of what we want to start doing. When we think of what we are trying to stop, it means we see that as something that is negative, maybe it’s a bad habit that we know we need to break. Having this awareness is so powerful when it comes to making positive changes in our life.

The best way to stop or break a bad habit is to start a new, good, healthy, and productive habit. What I have noticed in life is that people who get stuck — knowing they want to stop doing something that could be destructive or disruptive to their life but don’t stop — is because they didn’t come up with a better alternative.

We may argue that this should be common sense, but keep in mind that common sense is not always common practice. Many of us miss our own a-ha moments because we are so close to a problem or situation that we can’t visualize our way out of it. We need someone else to come alongside of us and point out what might be obvious…

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Written by Michael “Go-To” Norton, XINNIX President, former CEO and Founder of Tramazing, former President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, and former Executive Vice President of Sandler Corporate Training, Michael Norton has helped companies accelerate their growth by elevating their talent through learning and development programs.

Michael has had the pleasure of working with world-class companies such as Siemens Healthcare, WebMD, 7-Up, Cardinal Health, Cemex, Boral, HPE, Indeed, Lonza, KONE, Evonik, Quest Software, Dell, Anixter, and many more. for 30+ years he has developed, written, delivered, reinforced, and sold sales and sales management training programs that deliver real ROI while fitting into a company’s culture, processes, daily sales workflow, and budget.

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