Ultimate Loan Production Playbook:
7 Power Plays To Close New Business
In Any Market

The impact that rising interest rates, shrinking inventory, and compressed margins have had on the mortgage industry in the past year is undeniable. The ebb and flow of these and other challenges constantly affect the decisions that lenders make and cause a seemingly never-ending quest for remedies to cure loan production ills. For 16 years XINNIX has helped mortgage companies navigate through these challenges with proven sales and leadership training, accountability and coaching. XINNIX is dedicated to energizing and transforming individuals, teams and organizations to elevate their thinking and accelerating their performance with incredible results.

This book shares some of XINNIX’s powerfully proven steps that help drive production in any market and elevate success exponentially. From individual loan officers to executive leaders, it is our pleasure to serve you and to offer this tool to get you started on the path to increasing production now.

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