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Providing practical and relevant tools that empower you to build deeper relationships with referral sources and team members

By joining our free Member Resource Center, you’ll have access to business tools that will have an immediate impact on your business. Whether you desire to position yourself as a trusted advisor to your referral sources or create a deeper connection with team members, the business tools in the Member Resource Center have exactly what you need.

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At XINNIX, we believe that leaders and teams accomplish more when there is genuine interest and desire to make a personal connection.

To help you connect on a deeper level with your team members, we’ve provide a handy “Get to Know Your Team Member” worksheet that allows you to capture your team member’s personal information, favorite items, and professional goals all in one place. Utilize this information, to show appreciation to your team members by providing gifts that illustrate you care.

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How Can the Member Resource Center Help You?

In addition to tools like this, members also receive exclusive access to:

  • Value Added Pieces (VAPs) - VAPs are monthly articles highlighting sales tips and best practices that you can share with your referral sources. Your referral sources will appreciate that you thought of them and you are actively looking for ways to help them grow their business.
  • Market Script (XINNIX PEG) - Our weekly market script will help you consistently deliver a professional response to your client's most common question: “what do you think rates are going to do?”
  • Top Producer Interviews - Through our Top Producer Interview Podcast, we provide insight into the minds of the nation’s most successful mortgage professionals.
  • …and much more

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Business Tools

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