The Dangers of Overselling

It could mean no sales at all!

Is there really such a thing as overselling? Yes, I believe so and if you don’t want to take my word for it, check out this article from EyesOnSales (one of my favorite websites)!

Overselling is the act of telling the customer they’re getting more than they need when they don’t require it, didn’t specify it and may never use it.

Avoid doing this at all cost to ensure you don’t cause your client to question whether they are paying too much or making the right decision. Conversations that are question-based and focused on the client’s needs will ensure you have the criteria to close the deal.

Read the full article for some helpful tips and questions you can use to be sure your keep your presentation clear and concise. After you’ve read the article spend 10 minutes putting together a list of questions that apply to your business each day.

Happy selling everyone!!

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