XINNIX Welcomes Technology & Information Systems Leader Davind Maharaj

By November 12, 2020

ATLANTA, GA – (Nov 12, 2020) – XINNIX, Inc., the premier provider of sales, operations and leadership performance programs in the mortgage industry, welcomes a new VP of Information Systems, Davind “Breeze” Maharaj, to their team.

Davind is a transformational technology leader with nearly 30 years of technology and information systems experience. His background across infrastructure and application development will ensure the organization’s technology strategy aligns with overarching business strategies driven primarily by Product Development, Sales, and Marketing.

Before joining XINNIX, Davind “Breeze” Maharaj most recently worked in the healthcare industry as the Vice President of Hosting & Client Technology with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions and as the Vice President of Services, Enterprise Information Systems with McKesson. Throughout his career he has also worked with giants like IBM, COMSYS and Cox Communications.

Keeping in line with the XINNIX aviation and military theme and a team-centric culture, each of our associates are given a call sign as part of their initiation into the XINNIX family. Davind’s call sign “Breeze” was chosen for multiple reasons. First, Davind was born and raised in Trinidad where the only relief from the brutal Caribbean heat is a cool breeze. The second reason is the sheer nature of a breeze. It can blow in multiple directions, can be gentle or strong, and will adjust based on the current climate or environment just as Davind adjusts his approach as needed to help XINNIX and our clients succeed no matter the circumstances.

“The first time I interviewed Breeze (Davind), I knew immediately that he was an excellent cultural fit for our organization,” said XINNIX CEO & Founder, Casey Cunningham. “Having Davind on our team will provide us the ability to automate, streamline and build the architecture of our company. This future development will transform and elevate how we do business while never compromising our service levels and standards of excellence. I am excited about the infinite possibilities in front of us with Davind on our leadership team! He has already proven himself to be the perfect addition to our amazing team.”

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