Transformed by XINNIX

We empower sales professionals, managers and leaders to reach their full potential, and celebrate them when they do. Learn about some of our most successful students and how XINNIX helped them achieve, and often surpass, their goals.

Jennifer Sims

Branch Manager
I wanted to streamline and improve my processes so I could get more done. By applying what I learned in the XINNIX programs, I was able to move increase my production by nearly 50% in two years, hire an assistant, and still keep a personal touch while helping even more families become homeowners. XINNIX created a map and path for my success and far exceeded my expectations!

Mkristo Bruce

Mortgage Loan Originator
Being brand new to the industry I needed training, and I wanted to be the best and get there fast. At my company’s recommendation, I signed up for ORIGINATOR. And as I followed the process, I learned the language, business, and products, resulting in an average of about 7 loans and almost $1.6M per month! My XINNIX experience was great!

Rick Elmendorf

Branch Manager
Our team needed two things: to manage our database better and to reach more potential clients. Two months after engaging XINNIX, our production nearly doubled, going from $15M to $28M per month. Now after leveraging even more training, the same team is closing $215M a year! We simply implemented the XINNIX training.

Adam Hull

Mortgage Consultant
Thank you so much for ORIGINATOR! It really lit a fire under me to be prospecting constantly and taught me a ton as a new loan officer. Not only is it good information, but the teaching and follow-up is outstanding.

Chris Lewis

Director, Business Development Officer
Our company is very excited with the results that we’ve seen from XINNIX. We put our top producers through IGNITE and the activities they were held accountable for resulted in a 30% increase during the program and launched them into the best years of their careers. As a matter of fact, a fantastic element of the training were scripts on how to overcome objections. They're worth the price of admission alone!

Michael Stallings

Branch Manager
Like others, I came from a different industry and knew nothing about mortgages. But in the ten months after completing ORIGINATOR, I closed over $14M, then $50M in the next year. And while I’ve had a lot of success since, I also found something unexpected - my purpose. I get to guide people through a process that leads them home. And I don’t know how you put a price on that.

Pam Cleary

Producing Sales Manager/AVP
I had a lot of volume, but needed more structure to grow and build on the success I was already having. EDGE was intense but fun. It really built my confidence and skills. And after 11 years in the business, I refer to my XINNIX training on a daily basis. Now I’m sending my own team members through the training as well. It’s worth every penny and every minute of your time.

Joaquin Revilla

Branch Manager
I’ve been in the business for 30 years and what ORIGINATOR is teaching my trainees would normally take somebody years to figure out on their own. I haven’t seen anything else like this. It gives me the flexibility to hire the most capable people I can find, from any other industry. And, it serves as an incentive for the serious prospect who wants to learn fast and build a great career.

David Godwin

SVP, Business Development
I didn’t know anything about the mortgage industry when I started. But the training I received set me up to close 5300 loans and $600M in my fifteen years as a loan officer. My advice is to believe in yourself, sign up, and follow the program. Trust XINNIX. Their knowledge and acumen made all the difference in my career.

Stuart Saunders

Sr. Mortgage Banker
After 11 years at American Express, I decided to get off the road and start a new career in the mortgage industry. To get up to speed, I turned to XINNIX and in my first year I closed $25M. Two years later, EDGE helped me take my business to the next level. And in the last 15 years, I’ve closed more than 2,000 loans and over $500M in closed volume. I’m a total believer!

Jennifer Brackner

Mortgage Loan Originator
After changing my mindset, I’ve been blowing up the phone. ORIGINATOR gave me the knowledge, tools, and then taught me the secret for how to turn a phone call into a meeting that ultimately leads to growth in my business. Thank you for all of your help along the way.

Jason Driscoll

VP, Regional Sales Manager
About 4 years ago I decided to leave my employer of roughly 20+ years to pursue mortgage sales. My then and current manager recommended XINNIX. I signed up and completed the course. My first year I think I sold about $7M. Last year almost $20M and when my company acquired another, I interviewed for the Sales Manager position and got the gig!! I wouldn’t be here without the XINNIX training.

Chris Chaffin

Branch Manager
I wanted to develop my management and leadership skills. EDGE and LEADERSHIP really challenged me with new ideas and proven techniques leading me to exceed my goal by 36%, twice the prior year’s results. Some think training involves yelling and doing things you don’t need to do. But not with XINNIX. Their training is one of the smartest things you can do, regardless of your experience or position.

Stacie Glaser

Home Loan Specialist
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! ORIGINATOR is great and it’s thoroughly preparing me for my new career as a mortgage loan originator. I am so thankful for my new life’s direction and all the wonderful people put in my path to help me along the way. Thank you for a wonderful, thorough, insightful program. Now, on to FLIGHT SCHOOL!

Richard Staley

Sr. Licensed Mortgage Advisor
We needed a training program for rookies, so we turned to XINNIX. There really wasn’t any other option for us. They’ve earned our trust and confidence. Everyone we put through ORIGINATOR has been successful. One rookie went from $0 to $21M in 9 months, another from $21M to $40M in 12 months! Invest the time and follow the plan. Results will follow, but you must stick to the plan!

Tony Gerschick

Mortgage Specialist
New to the industry, I needed to get up to speed quickly and get licensed. At the branch manager’s recommendation, I jumped into ORIGINATOR. The materials were comprehensive and helped me pass the state and federal tests all in one clean sweep and just got the opportunity to be the in-house lender for a 100 home, $300k price point building project. Wouldn’t be here without great XINNIX training.

John Hudson

Vice President
To help my team reach new levels of success I put two groups of loan officers into the IGNITE program and their results have gone through the roof. One team of three had 90 applications by week 5 of the program! My LOs have turned into Rainmakers and I’ve become a better leader during the process. If you’re looking to make it rain, XINNIX can help you make it happen!

Chuck Dayton

Mortgage Loan Officer
Though I've been successful in the banking industry for 15 years, my boss recommend the XINNIX ORIGINATOR Program to both broaden and elevate my career. The program was exciting and overwhelming all at once. I've made Rookie of the Year and in the first 10 months, closed 75 loans for roughly $10M. Now I’m passing my peer’s numbers and being pursued by seasoned real estate agents. Thanks XINNIX!

Georgette Mooneyham

VP, Suntrust Mortgage
I went through the LEADERSHIP program with my company's Corporate Partnership. It was so refreshing and helped me build systems, processes, and accountability for myself and my team. And they not only fired me up but helped me develop a plan to build lasting momentum and sustainable outcomes. It gave me a healthy perspective and equipped me to work on my business and not be run by it. XINNIX does training right.

Aaron Stoneberg

Mortgage Loan Originator
Out of college I needed to learn the whole mortgage process and accelerate my career. The ORIGINATOR program taught me discipline and how to schedule and operate my business. And learning how to understand each kind of buyer & borrower and what they do & don’t want to hear was particularly helpful for me. Business has been good and if you’re considering the program, do it. Follow the plan, stay the course. It’s worth it!

Richard Fanning

VP/Mortgage Sales Manager
I was hired in from another industry and since the company didn’t have the resources to train me, they sent me through the ORIGINATOR program. It was overwhelming at first but they taught me process, accountability, and made me more organized and focused on how to use my time. Six months after my training I was recognized as being most productive and awarded $5000. My XINNIX experience has been great!

Preston Hice

Loan Originator
I want to take a moment and thank you for what you do. I took a chance and completely changed career paths from being a police officer to being a loan officer. My friend and branch manager recommended taking ORIGINATOR. I am not going to lie, I was hesitant to invest that much into a career that I was unsure of, but a year later I am so glad I did. I committed to your program 110% and I’m consistently closing a million in production every month. Thanks for what you do!