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Providing loan officers with a proven sales process and precise techniques to dramatically increase lead conversion

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Retail loan officers
  • Call center loan officers

What you will learn

LEAD CONVERSION is designed specifically for loan officers who desire to maximize every lead they receive. This class provides loan officers with a sales process that is clear, concise, repeatable and measurable.

Loan officers experience a lift in lead conversion and loan pull-through by learning how to:

  • Develop a strategic lead contact strategy
  • Identify buying signs and emotional hot buttons
  • Utilize multiple closing techniques to secure the customer
  • Implement a process to confidently speak to customers
  • Present options to customers in an easy to understand format

Course agenda

Class I

  • Implement a process to eliminate fears and confidently speak to clients
  • Build rapport with customers on each call
  • Effectively open a call and answer common client questions
  • Discover client needs and emotional “hot” buttons as reasons to buy
  • Utilize foreshadowing effectively to uncover hidden objections
  • Uncover client’s hidden objections and handle them effectively

Class II

  • Identify buying signs and learn how to effectively close
  • Implement an active listening strategy to better understand customers
  • Deliver all details of the transaction in a favorable light
  • Utilize several different closing techniques on one call to secure the customer
  • Use open-ended questions effectively to gain trust from customers

What’s included

LEAD CONVERSION consists of two 90-minute, live instructor-led webinars that demonstrate how to respond to leads faster and more effectively, which boosts confidence and ultimately increases lead conversion. The interactive sessions are delivered by previous top producers, and includes handouts that students follow and complete during the training – ensuring engagement, comprehension, and retention.

In addition to the comprehensive training, attendees receive valuable post-class business tools at no additional cost including:

  • Personal lead conversion analysis worksheet
  • Common buying signs guide
  • Lead conversion sales process
  • Comprehensive practice assignments

… and more.

Managers of enrolled students receive a guide that enables them to:

  • Reinforce what the loan officer has learned
  • Ensure higher retention of the material
  • Improve execution of new disciplines

Maximize the value in every lead, with higher conversion rates and increased, measurable production. Don’t miss this opportunity for growth!

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