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Empowering top Loan Officers to accelerate their success with proven key strategies of high performers

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Top Producing Loan Officers

What you will learn

ELITE empowers top Loan Officers to elevate their already outstanding results by learning to leverage their success to acquire, convert and retain clients and referral sources.

ELITE will increase top Loan Officers' production through

  • Refining current tactics and considering new strategies for acquiring leads
  • Gaining an understanding of how to maximize lead conversion
  • Focusing on improving retention from best practices of superstars
  • Developing a tactical approach in leveraging the success they have built to have a huge impact on their business

Program Agenda

Upon completing this training, a top Loan Officer will:

Acquisition Strategy

  • Know the 4 major strategies of a highly successful business
  • Be able to identify and prioritize lead acquisition strategies
  • Have a lead strategy process to refine success
  • Gain a strategic plan to effectively grow business

Conversion Strategy

  • Execute an optimal response strategy to elevate their lead conversion
  • Execute on a proven sales process to maximize lead conversion
  • Have follow-up strategies that convert leads into customers
  • Be able to delegate and leverage tasks for greater business impact

Retention Strategy

  • Understand the value of a customer for a large increase in repeat business
  • Be able to define a "perfect" application
  • Master a powerful pipeline process
  • Gain a strategy for post closing for repeat business long-term

Leverage Strategy

  • Leverage current Key Targets® for additional business
  • Use every application/closing as an opportunity for more business
  • Utilize their database more effectively for points of contact
  • Leverage an assistant to improve production and customer service

What’s included

ELITE consists of four 90-minute, "live" webinars. This program is conducted every other week along with recommended assignments to increase a top Loan Officer's production. XINNIX Performance Specialists provide guidance on implementation of new business practices throughout the program.

ELITE attendees receive over 20 valuable business tools that they can use after the classes are complete to continue increasing production including:

  • Production Goals Worksheet
  • Key Targets® Worksheets
  • Personal and Professional Profile Worksheets
  • Personal Lead Conversion Analysis Worksheet
  • Lost Documentation Source List
  • Scripting for Testimonial Email and Asking for Referrals
  • Sample Assistant Scripts
  • LO/Processor Meeting Agenda
  • Who is Your Loan Officer? Worksheet
  • Fields of Importance Worksheet

… and many more.

For top Loan Officers looking to use their already incredible success to acquire, convert and retain customers to ultimately generate even more business, register for ELITE! Start leveraging your success today with ELITE!

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