Sales Support Professional

We recommend the following programs for Sales Support Professionals ready to grow in their careers. Our students see the most success when they enroll in the full recommended curriculum.

Performance Programs

The most comprehensive and nationally-acclaimed program for new loan officers entering the industry, ORIGINATOR provides you a three-phased approach of foundational mortgage knowledge, real-world application and key sales training needed to launch a successful career.

*Note only Phase I: Ground School and Phase II: Flight School are recommended for a new Sales Support Professional

Enhancement, Reinforcement, and Support Programs

Ready to maximize every lead you receive? LEAD CONVERSION equips you with a sales call process and precise techniques to measurably improve every conversation with a new prospect.

Set the stage for success with the knowledge you need to take a quality loan application upfront, empowering you to create raving fans both internally and externally and freeing you up to prospect.

This class gives you the tools you need to develop a powerful social media presence that spurs immediate and long-term growth.

A program for sales support professionals ready to grow and succeed in today’s mortgage environment, this program enhances communication between you and your loan officers, empowering you to deliver top-notch customer service and positively impact purchase production.

“I have participated in many trainings over the years. I can honestly say yours was the best! I will not forget what you taught us. Even if we only do some of it, we will be better off. If we implement everything, we will be in the top one percent!”

– C. Richard, Processor