New Consumer Direct Loan Officer

We recommend the following program for new Consumer Direct Loan Officers who want to begin their careers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the industry. Loan Officers are market-ready in as little as 25 days.

Performance Programs

The most comprehensive training program for Consumer Direct and Call Center Loan Officers providing knowledge and proficiency to enter the mortgage industry quickly.

Enhancement, Reinforcement, and Support Programs

Social media is a driving force in today’s marketplace. With over 400 million members, LinkedIn is one of the world’s most powerful social networks. Its strict career focus makes it a goldmine for developing professional relationships and referrals.

LinkedIn for Loan Offiers shows students how to build and enhance their LinkedIn profile, ensure optimum visibility with search engines, and attract customers through this powerful network.

The COMPLETE LOAN APPLICATION™ empowers loan officers to take control of a crucial success factor – quality loan applications.

While a loan officer’s primary goal is to generate business, they also have a responsibility to clients, referral sources and their operations team to provide excellent customer service and submit complete files. Anything less than a flawless application slows everyone down – and can also hurt relationships with Key Targets®, additional referral opportunities, and overall production.

“Last year, I closed 1 loan in the first quarter. Because of XINNIX, this year I should have 7 in February and March!”