New Consumer Direct Loan Officer

We recommend the following programs for new consumer direct loan officers wanting to begin their careers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the industry. Our students see the most success when they enroll in the full recommended curriculum.

Performance Programs

The most comprehensive and nationally-acclaimed program for new loan officers entering the industry, ORIGINATOR provides you a three-phased approach of foundational mortgage knowledge, real-world application and key sales training needed to launch a successful career.

*Phase I: Ground School and Phase II: Flight School only

Enhancement, Reinforcement, and Support Programs

Ready to maximize every lead you receive? LEAD CONVERSION equips you with a sales call process and precise techniques to measurably improve every conversation with a new prospect.

Become a student of your profession with an ongoing monthly learning platform. This series for you and your referral sources provides timely information, market insights, drivers for success and ongoing energy to fuel your business.

“Last year, I closed 1 loan in the first quarter. Because of XINNIX, this year I should have 7 in February and March!”