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Performance Boosters

A series of high-impact videos for loan officers, that reinforce and refresh XINNIX strategies and best practices

Who will benefit from Performance Boosters?

  • Loan officers
  • Managers

What you will learn

Participants in XINNIX training courses come away educated, energized and enthusiastic. But even the best can use a boost from time to time. The most productive loan officers are typically those with a thirst for more knowledge, insight and best practices for business growth.

Performance Boosters answers this need with a monthly series of videos that refresh the the knowledge and reinforce the business disciplines needed for success.

Through the Performance Boosters videos, loan officers:

  • Receive valuable key business strategies
  • Maintain focus on the activities that have the greatest business impact
  • Gain new ideas for successful prospecting
  • Stay energized by hearing from an expert

What’s included

XINNIX CEO, Casey Cunningham, delivers valuable business development insight and inspiration via a year-long series of monthly short video messages sent direct to the desktops of loan officers.

View a sample Performance Boosters video

Need a monthly adrenaline shot? Looking for ways to stay energized and focused – and to boost production? Performance Boosters is the answer!

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