Empowering and equipping managers with the confidence to actively recruit throughout their career


Available Formats

  • Live Webinar


What’s Included

  • One 4-hour webinar led by a XINNIX Performance Specialist
  • Exercises to gain experience in the interview process
  • In-class execution of recruiting practices, including making calls and setting appointments with students’ new recruits
  • Valuable business tools to continually improve recruiting efforts
  • XINNIX Accountability to ensure students use best practices to effectively lead and recruit, even after the workshop ends


Incredible production requires a dynamic sales force.

Leaders want to build their teams with talented, hardworking, innovative mortgage professionals. Our RECRUITING WORKSHOP Online empowers managers to win the battle to add incredible mortgage talent to their teams throughout their careers. This unique, energizing training experience engages students in competitive gamification and in-class, real-world assignments to begin actively and immediately building a stronger sales force. XINNIX Performance Specialists teach mortgage leaders proven strategies for profiling, sourcing, contracting, meeting and following-up with top mortgage talent. Managers will leave the RECRUITING WORKSHOP Online knowing how to:

  • Employ a wide range of innovative and proven techniques for sourcing highly productive loan officers
  • Effectively present their Unique Value Proposition to prospects
  • Utilize numerous tactics to “wow” and recruit before, during and after the interview

*All workshop participants are required to arrive with completed pre-work for class.


One 4-Hour Webinar

During this highly interactive and workshop, a manager will:


  • Identify over 50 ways to source quality loan officers to build an ample pipeline of recruits
  • Build a Key Recruit® list to effectively track all activity throughout the recruiting cycle
  • Source recruits based on new sourcing techniques learned


  • Determine the information needed to successfully profile recruits, then engage in active profiling
  • Gain a process to profile Key Recruits® personally and professionally
  • Profile recruits brought to the workshop before contacting them


  • Participate in solidifying the scripts for initial recruiting calls to maximize appointments
  • Call recruits while supported by an accountability partner and assessment process


  • Learn a strategic and proven four step process in interviewing and “wowing” a Key Recruit®
  • Prepare for the “in-person” interview process through extensive skills practice in order to gain the highest closing ratio with recruits


  • Clearly gain an understanding of the importance of persistence in recruiting
  • Acquire 50 methods to successfully follow-up with and effectively close a recruit

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“With respect to any training initiative, I always ask myself, ‘Will we experience an incremental lift?’ Every time we’ve partnered with XINNIX, it’s been an incremental lift on steroids. The exceptional energy, content and passion for execution that the XINNIX team channels is second to none. Over 60 of our production managers have participated in the RECRUITING WORKSHOP, and we’ve seen a significant lift. We’ve hired more loan officers in the last 3 months than we did in the prior 9. I can’t thank you enough for the exceptional value you add to our team. You’re the best by any measure!”

– B. Cabrera