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Available Formats

  • In Person


What’s Included

  • One-day BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP and one-day RECRUITING WORKSHOP, onsite at client’s designated location, led by XINNIX Performance Specialist
  • Access to over 20 valuable business tools to advance leadership and recruiting skills
  • XINNIX Accountability to ensure students use best practices to effectively lead and recruit, even after the workshops end

Strong leadership is the cornerstone of success.

Effective managers do more than just give orders; they motivate and empower the ones they are leading to reach their full potential. As one of the few mortgage-specific sales management training programs in the industry, the LEADERSHIP Series Live empowers managers to measurably increase production within their branches or offices. With expert instruction and real-world assignments, managers will leverage proven strategies, business disciplines, and valuable insight to successfully lead, retain, and recruit a highly productive sales force.

LEADERSHIP Series Live attendees will acquire a proven methodology to:

  •       Measurably improve loan officer prospecting
  •       Accelerate purchase production from current originators
  •       Implement effective recruiting strategies to grow a sales team
  •       Annually increase sales force retention
  •       Gain in overall market share



Lead, Plan and Coach for Success

This one-day workshop enables managers to discover their full leadership potential. The session is packed with practical strategies and techniques to help managers develop and implement key disciplines for growing their market share, coaching for production, planning for success and retaining their sales force.

This highly interactive workshop equips managers to:

  • Create a clearly defined vision for the branch that engages every team member with a purpose
  • Leverage account assignment strategies that will lead to greater market share
  • Understand what it truly means to coach as a sales manager
  • Increase loan officer retention by acknowledging their successes
  • Confidently conduct focused one-on-ones that will motivate team members for higher production
  • Create and execute a Branch Business Plan using four vital planning steps to ensure focused performance and growth
  • Effectively lead loan officers by learning and supporting their business plan and helping them create focused production objectives
  • Establish clearly defined operating principles that will unify a team
  • Leverage different leadership styles to better engage and motivate your loan officers
  • Conduct engaging, informative and inspiring sales meetings for greater team morale


Executing for Unlimited Growth

This one-day workshop empowers managers with confidence to actively and successfully recruit throughout their career. Managers will learn proven strategies for profiling, sourcing, contacting, meeting and following-up with top mortgage talent. All participants of this workshop are required to arrive with completed pre-work for class.

During this highly interactive workshop, managers will:

  • Identify over 50 ways to source quality loan officers to build an ample pipeline of recruits
  • Build a Key Recruit® list to effectively track all activity throughout the recruiting cycle
  • Determine the information needed to successfully profile recruits and then engage in active profiling
  • Gain a process to profile Key Recruits® personally and professionally
  • Participate in solidifying the scripts for initial recruiting calls to maximize appointments
  • Call recruits while supported by an accountability partner and assessment process
  • Learn a strategic, proven four step process for interviewing and “wowing” a Key Recruit®
  • Prepare for the interview process through extensive skills practice to gain the highest closing ratio with recruits
  • Understand the importance of persistence in recruiting and acquire 50 methods to successfully follow-up with and effectively close a recruit

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