Equipping loan officers with a proven sales process and precise techniques to dramatically increase lead conversion


Intended Audiences

Available Formats

  • In Person
  • Live Webinar


What’s Included

  • Two 90-minute, instructor-led webinars delivered by former top producers
  • Valuable post-class business tools
  • Manager guide to reinforce their loan officers’ learnings, increase retention of the material, and improve execution of new disciplines


Maximize every lead you receive with LEAD CONVERSION™, our program that equips loan officers with sales call process techniques to dramatically drive conversion. This class provides loan officers with a sales process that is clear, concise, repeatable and measurable. Need guidance? Our team is ready to help.

Students will experience a lift in lead conversion and loan pull-through by learning how to:

  • Develop a strategic lead contact strategy
  • Identify buying signs and emotional hot buttons
  • Utilize multiple closing techniques to secure the customer
  • Implement a process to speak to customers confidently
  • Present options to customers in an easy-to-understand format

LEAD CONVERSION™ is offered through both online and live formats. For more information on booking this class as a live workshop, contact us here.


Class I

  • Implement a process to eliminate fears and confidently speak to clients
  • Build rapport with customers on each call
  • Effectively open a call and answer common client questions
  • Discover client needs and emotional “hot” buttons
  • Utilize foreshadowing to uncover hidden objections and handle them effectively

Class II

  • Identify buying signs and learn how to effectively close
  • Implement an active listening strategy to better understand customers
  • Deliver all details of the transaction in a favorable light
  • Utilize several different closing techniques on one call to secure the customer
  • Use open-ended questions effectively to gain trust from customers

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