Enabling experienced Loan Officers with incredible potential to create an explosive pipeline of business through high-intensity training and accountability


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Intended Audiences

Available Formats

  • Live Webinar


What’s Included

  • 8-week training and accountability program
  • Four 90-minute and four 60-minute webinars led by XINNIX Performance Specialists
  • Advanced sales strategies and techniques to enable a loan officer to grow production faster
  • Daily accountability to XINNIX Performance Specialists
  • Over 20 valuable post-class business tools


Take production to new and incredible heights


IGNITE™ your production and create an explosive pipeline of business with this program for experienced, dedicated mortgage professionals who are determined to take production to new and incredible heights.

Crafted and delivered by former top producers, IGNITE™ equips participants to seriously increase production with a proven formula for success, daily and weekly prospecting activities and our signature XINNIX Accountability. This accountability to XINNIX Performance Specialists reinforces newly-learned disciplines and turns these practices into success-bearing habits.

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The IGNITE™ Program empowers loan officers through:

  • Establishing goals and building a strategic plan that supports a sustainable business model
  • Marketing strategically and effectively to potential clients and referral partners
  • Creating and utilization of a database
  • Implementing effective and continuous prospecting habits
  • Setting crucial appointments and conducting impactful one-on-one meetings
  • Establishing accountability to XINNIX Performance Specialists



IGNITE is launched with a series of kick-off meetings that will build excitement for the program and prepare participants and their managers for the intense training program.

All accepted students will join a 60-minute, instructor-led webinar as an introduction to the program. Here, the students will sign a training commitment and submit their LO Goals.

Managers will attend a 60-minute, instructor-led webinar where they will receive a Briefing Guide outlining their role in supporting their LO.

Weeks 1 - 4: Training and Daily Accountability

Students attend weekly, 90-minute, instructor-led webinars where they learn the disciplines and best practices needed to create and leverage a consistent pipeline of new business. Students are introduced to the XINNIX 3-2-1 for Success™ method, designed to turn these best practices into lifetime habits. During week 3, managers will attend the Manager Halfway Briefing to review students’ progress. The XINNIX Performance Specialists will constantly hold students accountable for accurately completing all assignments.

Class topics include:

  • Class 1 – Launching Your Business
  • Class 2 – Developing Referral Partners
  • Class 3 – Maximizing Networking Events
  • Class 4 – Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance

Weeks 5 - 8: Reinforcement Training and Daily Accountability

During this 4-week period, students attend weekly, 60 minute, instructor-led webinars where they learn reinforcement tactics to support consistent execution of best practices. Students will continue to be held accountable by XINNIX Performance Specialists for their completion of daily activities. Additionally, the student’s manager will have access to real-time reporting throughout the entire program.

Class topics include:

  • Class 5 – Time Management
  • Class 6 – Overcoming Objections
  • Class 7 – Database Mining
  • Class 8 – Business Plan Review


All students and managers attend a 60-minute, instructor-led webinar to wrap up the program.

The webinar will celebrate students’ successes, review overall class progress, reinforce best practices and discuss next steps for students and their managers.


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Entrance Requirements

To ensure students are dedicated and primed for success, the IGNITE Program has rigorous entrance requirements. Prior to any Loan Officer’s acceptance into the program, they need to complete and submit a success questionnaire and sales assessment to be reviewed by XINNIX Performance Specialists. Only those with acceptable results will be granted admittance into the program.

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“It was truly the first time I had put together a Success Plan, which helped me to implement many strategies last year. Second half of the year, I closed 50 loans vs. 35 in the first half of the year.”