Accelerated performance through a full-scale accountability program ensuring maximum momentum and longlasting results


Available Formats

  • Live Webinar


What’s Included

  • Ongoing accountability to a XINNIX Performance Specialist
  • Goal setting and review sessions of the business plan
  • Monthly live, one-hour group business development sessions
  • Monthly one-hour business reinforcement classes
  • Reinforcement of best practices and shared success stories
  • Monthly business plan review, goals assessment and feedback
  • Valuable suite of business tools leveraged during FUEL and beyond
  • Monthly reporting to managers with goal tracking
  • Daily drivers of encouragement and focus


Accountability accelerates performance.

FUEL is a full-scale accountability program which reinforces the best practices learned in ORIGINATOR, IGNITE and EDGE. FUEL ensures the momentum gained continues and is even further elevated for optimum results.

FUEL provides a significant opportunity to embed new disciplines, processes and habits well into the future for maximum momentum and longlasting results:

  • Investment Protection – Maximize Training Investment
  • Maintain Momentum – Reinforce Disciplines Learned
  • Engrain New Habits – Repetition of Best Practices for Success
  • Goal Setting – Laser Focus on Reaching New Heights
  • Increase Production – Maximize ROI and the Bottom Line

Daily, weekly and monthly disciplines are intentionally placed to engrain the habits necessary for long term success. Reporting and accountability measures are available 6 or 12 months at a time so participants can choose the duration that best aligns with their career goals. Eligibility for enrollment into FUEL is dependent upon completion of the ORIGINATOR, IGNITE or EDGE performance program. FUEL is an effective and powerful reinforcement solution, largely due to the critical groundwork and accountability structure that mortgage professionals are expected to execute during the select performance program preceding a participant’s enrollment in FUEL.


Increase the odds of reaching your goals by 95%.

Accountability is the secret weapon for faster growth. Research proves that accountability effectively helps individuals achieve the behavioral change they desire and leveraging the right partner and commitment system can make ambitious goals attainable. XINNIX challenges, engages and evokes a sense of accomplishment in mortgage professionals with structures and systems that measure and drive results.

FUEL is the perfect commitment system needed for long-term goals. The psychological power of an effective accountability process and partner drives the change in behavior necessary to reach maximum potential. If you are ready to dramatically improve your chances of success, leverage the power of accountability with FUEL.

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