FHA Mortgage Master Class™

Provides all the foundational knowledge a mortgage professional needs to know to master understanding of current guidelines, calculations and ideal customers for the FHA mortgage lending product


Available Formats

  • On Demand


What’s Included

  • 3 interactive lessons covering 21 critical concepts for understanding FHA 

  • 3 quizzes – one at the end of each lesson

  • Final exam at the end of the course

  • Access to a XINNIX Performance Specialist 

Designed by XINNIX®, the industry’s foremost expert in mortgage training, the FHA Mortgage Master Class™ leverages our powerful Learning and Performance Center to give students access to their lessons online. 

The class includes 3 highly interactive lessons covering 21 critical areas of mastering the FHA mortgage loan. At the conclusion of each class students will be quizzed on their understanding of the material. Upon completing all three lessons, students will receive a comprehensive final exam. As is the standard for all XINNIX Programs and Training Classes, participants will have access to a XINNIX Performance Specialist for support. 


Class I

Participants will learn the general guidelines of FHA loans, Mortgage Insurance requirements and FHA specific terminology to support the mortgage professional’s ability to efficiently and accurately take a FHA loan files. 

  • Verify borrowers’ eligibility 
  • Explain mortgage amount limits 
  • Identify down payment requirements 
  • Explain occupancy requirements 
  • Identify allowable borrower-paid costs 
  • Identify allowable seller contributions 
  • Calculate MI premiums for FHA loans 
  • Calculate FHA Qualifying Ratios 
  • Explain various FHA specific terms 

Class II

This lesson provides the working knowledge needed to address property and assets when processing an FHA file. 

  • Verify property eligibility for FHA loans 
  • Explain water and sewer requirements 
  • Discuss allowable down payment sources 
  • Identify allowable sources of income 
  • Calculate allowable sources of income 
  • Determine liabilities in qualifying ratios 
  • Calculate monthly obligations and ratios 
  • Explain how to address credit issues 
  • Document details to the FHA application 

Class III

In this lesson, students will explore the basic current guidelines for each of the three types of FHA refinances as well as additional underwriting and eligibility criteria. 

  • Understand borrower eligibility 
  • Identify necessary documentation 
  • Distinguish differences between 3 types of FHA refinances 

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