Empowering mortgage managers to lead, plan and coach their teams for powerful production


Available Formats

  • In Person


What’s Included

  • One workshop onsite at client’s designated location, led by a XINNIX Performance Specialist
  • Access to over 20 valuable business tools to advance leadership and recruiting skills.
  • XINNIX Accountability to ensure students create a branch business plan to effectively lead, develop and retain

Effective leaders propel their teams to excellence.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP Live is the catalyst you need to achieve higher production and motivate your team to thrive in a purchase driven market. This program empowers managers with the skills and knowledge they need to strategically lead their teams toward serious production growth. Get ready for a unique, high-energy training experience, complete with competitive gamification and real-world assignments that will enable you to measurably increase the performance of your loan officers.

In this highly interactive workshop, XINNIX Performance Specialists teach mortgage leaders practical strategies and techniques to help them develop and implement the key disciplines of growing their market share, coaching for production, planning for success and retaining their sales force. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP Live energizes managers to revolutionize the way they approach growing production.


1-Day Workshop

The BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP Live will provide students with the knowledge to:

  • Create a clearly defined vision for the branch that engages every team member with a purpose
  • Leverage account assignment strategies that will lead to greater market share
  • Understand what it truly means to coach as a sales manager
  • Increase loan officer retention by acknowledging their successes
  • Confidently conduct focused one-on-ones that will motivate team members for higher production
  • Create and execute a Branch Business Plan using four vital planning steps to ensure focused performance and growth
  • Effectively lead loan officers by learning and supporting their business plan and helping them create focused production objectives
  • Establish clearly defined operating principles that will unify a team
  • Leverage different Leadership styles to better engage and motivate your loan officers
  • Conduct engaging, informative, and inspiring sales meetings for greater team morale


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