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Recruiting Workshop

Empowering and equipping managers with the confidence to actively recruit throughout their career

Who will benefit from this workshop?

  • Sales managers
  • Branch managers

What you will learn

assets/images/img06_alt.png The Recruiting Workshop is designed to provide managers with practical strategies and techniques to win the battle to add top mortgage talent to their sales force.

Managers will leave the Recruiting Workshop knowing how to:

  • Employ a wide range of innovative and proven techniques for sourcing highly productive loan officers
  • Effectively present their Unique Value Proposition to prospects
  • Utilize numerous tactics to “wow” a recruit before, during and after the interview

Workshop agenda

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Executing for Unlimited Growth

This workshop empowers managers with the confidence to actively and successfully recruit throughout their career. Managers will learn proven strategies for profiling, sourcing, contacting, meeting, and following-up with top mortgage talent. All participants of this workshop are required to arrive with completed pre-work for class.

During this highly interactive and measureable workshop, a manager will:


  • Identify the over 50 ways to source quality loan officers to build an ample pipeline of recruits
  • Build a Key Recruit® list to effectively track all activity throughout the recruiting cycle
  • Source recruits based on new sourcing techniques learned


  • Determine the information needed to successfully profile recruits
  • Gain a process to profile Key Recruits® personally and professionally
  • Profile recruits brought to the workshop before contacting them


  • Participate in solidifying the scripts for initial recruiting calls to maximize appointments
  • Call recruits with an accountability partner and assessment process


  • Receive a strategic and proven four step process in interviewing and “wowing” a Key Recruit®
  • Prepare for the “in-person” interview process through extensive skills practice in order to gain the highest closing ratio with recruits


  • Clearly gain an understanding of how persistence is key in the recruiting cycle
  • Walk away with over 50 ways to successfully follow-up with a recruit and effectively close them

*This program can also be offered online. Please contact a XINNIX Client Advisor for more information.

Case Study


A mid-sized mortgage bank with a national presence was experiencing a year-over-year sales increase but was struggling to meet their aggressive expansion and market share goals. Upon a thorough review of their strategy, they isolated the largest contributing factor to their inability to consistently recruit top talent. A quick audit of their loan officer recruiting efforts revealed several alarming facts including:

  • Hiring managers had never been formally trained on how to recruit loan officers
  • There was not a formal process for hiring managers to follow which led to inconsistent methods and inconsistent results
  • With everything hiring managers had on their plate (especially the producing managers), recruiting did not seem to have the priority needed for the organization to meet their goals

The organization had recently engaged XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy, to train their newly hired loan officers which, although newly launched, was already showing signs of success. With that success in mind, the organization’s Vice President of Production reached out to XINNIX for advise.

XINNIX Solution

After a brief discussion of the mortgage bank’s financial goals and recruitment efforts, the Client Advisor at XINNIX suggested they purchase the Recruiting Workshop. The workshop is a one-day, hands-on training session designed exclusively for the mortgage industry. The training empowers managers with a proven methodology for recruiting that includes how to successfully profile, source, contact, meet and close top talent. The Client Advisor explained further that the hands-on nature of the training and the follow-up process will provide their managers with the confidence they need to make an immediate impact.

Incredible Results*

The mortgage bank enrolled 29 managers in a private Recruiting Workshop class. In this one day of training these managers collectively:

  • Identified 206 new recruits
  • Contacted 146 of the new recruits
  • Had 53 conversations with recruits
  • Scheduled 35 face-to-face appointments

Within 90 days after the workshop, the managers in total hired 17 high-performing loan officers, representing $584 million in production

What’s included

During this powerful, interactive one-day workshop, managers will:

  • Identify over 50 ways to source new recruits to eliminate obstacles in the future
  • Be guided through script creation for initial recruiting calls to increase their number of appointments
  • Role play the "in-person" interview process to gain a higher closing ratio with recruits
  • Determine over 50 ways of successfully following up with a recruit after an interview
  • Identify, profile and call recruits during the workshop with an accountability partner and assessment process

To help managers continually improve their recruiting efforts, workshop participants will walk away with valuable business tools such as:

  • Recruit Interview Guide
  • Key Recruits Management Tool
  • Personal Profile for Recruits
  • Professional Profile for Recruits
  • Ride Along Assessment
  • Manager Presentation Template

… and many more.

To reinforce best practices, continued execution, and measure results after the one-day workshop, all attendees participate in two group accountability conference calls with XINNIX within 90 days of the session.

For executives and managers looking to add top producers to their sales team, the Recruiting Workshop is the answer!

*Results are typical. Call a XINNIX representative for more detailed information.

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