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By December 8, 2021Norton Knows

If you are ever looking for a great conversation starter, try asking people what they may be reading. What people read can give us great insight to their hobbies, passions, and interests, and that helps lead into a fun and engaging discussion. This is also one of those questions I find myself answering as well. Depending on when that question comes my way will determine my answer as I have been following the same reading pattern for many years now.

In addition to my Bible, blogs, columns, and industry information, I read somewhere between 40 and 50 books per year. And the reading cycle that I tend to follow is this: A faith-based book; business book; biography; history; and then a fiction book. For me this provides a glimpse into the areas that help me personally and professionally, while also helping me to be prepared for conversations with family members, friends, people I meet socially, and my clients. I find the different perspectives extremely helpful in understanding how others view the things that are happening in our world.

At this time of year the question about what I am reading comes up a lot. Many of you send me emails asking for recommendations throughout the year, and during the holiday season, as people are looking for gift ideas, the question comes up with greater frequency. So here is what I recommend this year as I follow the cadence mentioned above…

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Written by Michael “Go-To” Norton, XINNIX EVP, former CEO and Founder of Tramazing, former President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, and former Executive Vice President of Sandler Corporate Training, Michael Norton has helped companies accelerate their growth by elevating their talent through learning and development programs.

Michael has had the pleasure of working with world-class companies such as Siemens Healthcare, WebMD, 7-Up, Cardinal Health, Cemex, Boral, HPE, Indeed, Lonza, KONE, Evonik, Quest Software, Dell, Anixter, and many more. for 30+ years he has developed, written, delivered, reinforced, and sold sales and sales management training programs that deliver real ROI while fitting into a company’s culture, processes, daily sales workflow, and budget.

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