The New Era of Change in the Mortgage Industry with Mitch Kider

Business as we know it, has changed. Now what? XINNIX is here to help you answer some of the today’s most pressing questions in our latest Leadership Lessons Webinar.

Our Host:
Casey Cunningham, CEO and Founder
XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy

Guest Presenter:
Mitch Kider, Chairman and Managing Partner
Weiner Brodsky Kider PC

Mitch Kider is the Chairman and Managing Partner of Weiner Brodsky Kider PC, in addition to being a sought-after speaker and author. In his 37 years as a practicing attorney, he has represented banks, mortgage companies, and other financial service companies, defending clients in more than 150 lawsuits in federal and state courts throughout the country. He also advises clients on federal and state regulatory compliance matters.

Transcend the Turbulence: The New Era of Change in the Mortgage Industry

In this webinar, Mitch tackles some of the industry’s hottest topics head on:

• The #1 issue today is Operational – What’s going on with LO compensation?

• Reconciling your substantial investment in compliance with today’s compressed margins – How do you right-size compliance spending, but keep an effective CMS?

• Mergers and acquisitions – What are buyers looking for and what do sellers need to know?

All of these factors represent a market that is ripe for opportunity, disruption and growth. Get insights and strategies needed to ensure a strong 2019 in the new era of mortgage banking. Enter your information below to gain access to the recording: