Most organizations believe that culture is the key factor of excellence, yet few organizations are intentional in making it happen. In XINNIX’s quest to truly change the future of our industry, we want to help leaders consider the possibilities for their own organizations by bringing together some of the mortgage industry’s very best executive leaders who are willing to share how they lead and what building a culture of excellence means to them and their companies. Here is their best advice.

Have a Clearly Defined Mission Built on Respect, Honesty, Trust and Integrity

When you care about your associates, they will care about you and the mission of the organization. If trust, honesty, integrity, and respect guide every interaction within your company, these same principles will carry over to interactions with customers. A culture of respect sets the stage for a culture of high performance.

When your team knows you believe in them too much to accept mediocrity, they will rise to meet your expectation. An organization that consistently, deliberately, and repetitively performs their daily actions with excellence will build a reputation that sets them far above the competition.

Be Extraordinarily Customer Centric

Customer service is the backbone of any good business. Great leaders know they need to empower their teams to serve customers exceptionally well. If you want your associates to do everything they can to assist the customer, you must do everything you can to assist your employees. Take away any barriers that prevent them from effectively doing their job.

Give your loan officers the freedom they need to build exceptional relationships with individual clients and in the community at large. Be known as the organization that, above else, provides the highest-quality assistance to every customer.

Come back next week to learn more best practices from the nation’s top executives. Want to hear our full conversation with our CEO roundtable? CLICK HERE to listen!


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