How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities and Improve Sales Performance

How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities and Improve Sales Performance

Think about a time when your business was on a hot streak. Referrals were pouring in, your customers were excited to buy, and your sales productivity was at an all-time high. You probably weren’t constantly racking your brain for the most effective sales tactics and ways to improve your sales performance.

But what happens when you lose your Midas touch? What happens when the sales cycles keep growing longer, and the answer you keep hearing over and over is, “Not now.” How are we supposed to maintain our sales motivation and keep putting in the hours?

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Every salesperson has experienced challenges in their career from time to time. How you respond to those challenges determines your success and future opportunities.

We gathered words of wisdom from three of the industry’s top heavy hitters on how to turn some of the most common challenges into opportunities.

Embrace the Challenge – Welcome Obstacles

XINNIX Founder and CEO Casey Cunningham has seen her fair share of difficult years. With decades of mortgage and sales experience, she has weathered the best of times and the worst of times the industry has to offer. Looking back on her career, she now has a powerful perspective: “I love the challenging times. That is when the average get deflated, retreat, and quit. But the best look at these times as an opportunity to get stronger and sharpen the saw. In great times, when everything’s going exceptionally well, you don’t even know where you can get better. The challenge forces you to adapt, learn, and grow.”

Her ability to welcome obstacles with open arms is one of the reasons XINNIX has transformed into the nation’s premier provider of sales and leadership training, accountability, and coaching for over two decades. XINNIX is dedicated to helping sales professionals across the nation achieve excellence in everything they do, no matter what obstacles they may face. XINNIX teaches the disciplines, skills, and sales tactics that will keep you thriving, no matter how difficult the market.

Casey reminds us there is no point in trying to run from sales performance challenges. They happen to the best of us. When we try to avoid the obstacles in our way, we try to control what we can’t and get distracted. Instead, look at what you can control and use it as an opportunity to “grow from a knowledge base. Challenging times are when you become a real rockstar of your profession—study it, review it, interview people, and ask how others do it.”

Comfort Is the Enemy of Success – Be Willing to Adapt and Change

Recently, Krish Dhanam—acclaimed author, CEO of Skyline Success, Global Ambassador for the Ziglar Group of Companies, and motivational guru— spent some time with the XINNIX sales team. He shared his transformational brand of coaching and told the team that while he has seen how the pandemic has changed many aspects for sales professionals across nearly every industry, he has also noticed that the most important things have not changed at all.

He revealed, “The reality is the same three percent seem to be succeeding, and that is because they come to work with their bags packed. Whenever we face the next global crisis, it will be the same people who succeed.” Krish has made a career out of training professionals worldwide to improve their sales performance and has learned, “success is never who you are in relation to what you do. Success is who you are in relation to what you began and how you choose to change. If you’re comfortable, you’re not effective. In order to be effective, you have to be uncomfortable.”

There is no doubt that change can be scary. The idea of restructuring everything about the way you do business would be stressful for almost anyone. However, Krish doesn’t believe it always takes an enormous shift. In his speech, “How to Change Your Life,” he advises: “Earthquakes and hurricanes get all the publicity, but termites do more damage. You can make radical changes in minute steps.”

What matters most is being open and willing to adapt. Krish quotes Eric Hoffer: “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists… When the new input is being presented to you, reallocate the old input that has not worked, and suddenly you will find yourself making radical changes.”

Sales Motivation Is a Mindset – Stay Focused

Motivation is not reliant on our circumstances. Prices, interest rates, regulations, and supply and demand will all fluctuate. The events of our lives will swing wildly, and we will face challenges that take us in directions we could never have imagined. We will never achieve our goals if we wait for motivation to strike. There is no perfect timing. Instead, we have to wake up every day and decide: will I be defined by circumstances, or will my circumstances be defined by me?

Casey Cunningham says it this way: “You only have two options. You can be highly motivated or demotivated. What you believe will be true. You have to believe this is an opportune time. If you believe your business is down, then you’ll go down. You’ve got to have a mindset that challenging times are opportune times, that this is the time we get to be exceptional.”

Improving Sales Performance

According to XINNIX President Michael Norton, the global pandemic we have all been facing is a prime example of how the best keep improving their sales performance during these challenging times.

He says, “In a changing environment, it is easy for salespeople to be overcome by what might seem impossible. When we looked at some top-performing companies over the past couple of years, we found that many of them experienced their best years during the pandemic. The salespeople on those teams figured out how to stay motivated because they learned to embrace the disruption of COVID, finding new ways to engage and sell. Top performers realized their value proposition was just as valid now—the pandemic didn’t change that.”

The people who are most successful in overcoming sales performance challenges are the ones who can navigate obstacles head-on, are willing to adapt, and stay focused and motivated.

If you are facing a difficult time in your business, XINNIX is here to help. Hear more from Casey Cunningham, Michael Norton, and Krish Dhanam in our can’t-miss webinar, “Mastering Sales Motivation in Challenging Times,” held on Wednesday, August 10 at 12 PM ET. In this session, Casey and Michael will offer their expertise and lead the discussion with Krish on recommendations and key principles for mastering motivation, especially when times are tough. CLICK HERE to reserve yours today!

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