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By June 16, 2022Norton Knows

When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I always get the sense that we have it backward. Instead of the parents receiving gifts, breakfast in bed, a round of golf, flowers or anything else from their children, as parents, we should be celebrating our children on that day.

Some will say that our children receive gifts, clothes, vacations and other things throughout the year already; this day is to celebrate and recognize the parents. My experience tells me that we buy our children what they need, give them a bit more or extra around the holidays and on birthdays, but we do that because they grow and need new clothes and shoes or some other necessity. For some, it goes beyond necessity, and they just simply enjoy splurging on their kids.

When I think of the upcoming Father’s Day and all that it will bring, I am reminded of what an incredible gift and blessing I was given in my children. They are all grown and older now and some with children of their own. And they are all scattered around the country raising their families and building a life. And they will send me cards, gift cards or gifts, and we will speak by phone or FaceTime. But for me, I am recognizing and celebrating them, and thanking God that he trusted me enough to raise and take care of my children.

My biological father died when I was only five years old. I had father figures in my uncles and other adult men and coaches. And I had a grandfather who was an incredible example of a loving father and grandfather, a devoted husband and a strong Christian. And I can remember him celebrating myself, my siblings and my cousins. He was always encouraging, always teaching, always willing to play. We were his gift, and he made it abundantly clear just how important we were to him.

There are so many amazing moms out there who are celebrated on Mother’s Day. There are many who are single moms and serve as both mom and dad at times. Sometimes on Father’s Day, the children do not remember to celebrate their mom on that day, too. The single mom steps up and many times goes beyond just being the father figure or role model for her kids, she does everything she can to guide her family to the best of her ability. And I have met and heard from so many over the years that they understand just how precious life is, and how they too feel blessed that God trusted them with their children…

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Written by Michael “Go-To” Norton, XINNIX President, former CEO and Founder at Tramazing, former President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, and former Executive Vice President of Sandler Corporate Training, Michael Norton has helped companies accelerate their growth by elevating their talent through learning and development programs.

Michael has had the pleasure of working with world-class companies such as Siemens Healthcare, WebMD, 7-Up, Cardinal Health, Cemex, Boral, HPE, Indeed, Lonza, KONE, Evonik, Quest Software, Dell, Anixter, and many more. for 30+ years he has developed, written, delivered, reinforced, and sold sales and sales management training programs that deliver real ROI while fitting into a company’s culture, processes, daily sales workflow, and budget.

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