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By April 6, 2022Norton Knows

A young man stood by the side of the road waiting for a bus. The rain was pouring down and he was doing his best to stay dry. He was dressed for success, a nice suit and tie, and carried an expensive laptop bag in the hand that was not holding the umbrella.

A car came racing by and drove very close to the curb where the young man was standing. The splash from the car drenched him. No visible sign of anger, no words came form his mouth, he just did what he could to minimize the damage.

As an observer to this event, I was beyond curious. I approached him and offered the roll of paper towels that I had in my truck. The man smiled at me, accepted the paper towels, and began cleaning himself off.

I shared with him that I admired his response to what happened, even sharing that I might not have been so forgiving.

Again, he smiled, and he said, “Mr. I have done so many bad things and have wronged so many people, it is only right that I forgave them.” He continued, and said, “I have been given grace and forgiven so many times, I now know that I have to give grace and forgive others too.”

He was speaking my language…

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Written by Michael “Go-To” Norton, XINNIX President, former CEO and Founder at Tramazing, former President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, and former Executive Vice President of Sandler Corporate Training, Michael Norton has helped companies accelerate their growth by elevating their talent through learning and development programs.

Michael has had the pleasure of working with world-class companies such as Siemens Healthcare, WebMD, 7-Up, Cardinal Health, Cemex, Boral, HPE, Indeed, Lonza, KONE, Evonik, Quest Software, Dell, Anixter, and many more. for 30+ years he has developed, written, delivered, reinforced, and sold sales and sales management training programs that deliver real ROI while fitting into a company’s culture, processes, daily sales workflow, and budget.

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