Paul “Blaze” Waldrop

VP Training & Client Engagement

Paul has held entrepreneurial and senior leadership roles in various capacities among large residential lending and prestigious financial institutions for over 30 years. He has used his leadership, coaching, and analytical skills to start his own companies and lead large teams that covered several southern states within his territorial footprint.

As a Certified Expert Coach, Paul has nearly 500 hours of paid coaching hours that has led dozens of loans officers to exponential increase their personal closed production. In his current role, his focus is to ensure all XINNIX content remains relevant and enhances the potential of every individual to improve their performance in leading themselves and others.

Why the call-sign “blaze”?

A blaze is a marking cut into a tree to mark a new hiking path and help travelers find their way. Paul personally loves to hike and spend time outdoors, but he also aims to help our XINNIX clients find their own path to success.

What Paul brings to the table:

  • Over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry
  • A gift for creating highly effective personal and professional development strategies
  • He is a natural-born coach, which makes him the perfect fit for his role at XINNIX

Four things you might not know about our VP:

  • Family is everything to Paul. He has been married for nearly 30 years and has 2 daughters
  • He is a big fan of the great outdoors and can often be found in his off-time hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.
  • He is quite the coffee aficionado and a master griller
  • Paul is a lifetime learner with a particular interest in military history