Jack “Falcon” Karaszewski

EVP Business Development

As the former president of five different mortgage companies, Jack has over 40 years of experience in markets across the country. His resume and sterling reputation of leadership, success and team building have made him one of the industry’s most respected and knowledgeable mortgage professionals.

When he was captain of his college basketball team at the University of Buffalo, he led his fellow players to two NCAA tournaments. Now, he uses his unparalleled understanding of the market to lead XINNIX customers toward success. Jack specializes in providing consultations with clients to guide them toward the programs and services that will fit their needs and deliver their desired ROI.

Jack lives with his wife Lynn in Alpharetta, Georgia and is the proud father of Jennie, Brian, and Eric. He is also grandfather to Luke and Julia. Jack has a passion for golf and spends his free time exploring the best courses across the country.

Why the call-sign “Falcon”?

Jack’s ability to “swoop” in and provide customers with sound industry advice and solutions earned him this call sign.

What Jack brings to the table:

  • Extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry
  • Thorough understanding of the challenges of mortgage companies, big or small
  • Impeccable reputation and relationships throughout the industry
  • Exceptional leadership skills and executive insight

Four things you might not know about our EVP:

  • Played semi-pro basketball after work for a few years after graduating from college
  • Is a huge Buffalo Bills fan
  • Loves a good bone-in rib eye steak and a bag of Grandma Utz’s potato chips
  • Is the self-designated XINNIX office prankster