Adam “Bulldog” Brooks

VP Technology

Adam S. Brooks is a technologist and digital transformation leader. He comes to XINNIX with more than twenty years of experience in training and performance management, experience design (CX/UX/LX), instructional systems design (ISD/ID), edtech, marketing communications, systems engineering and enterprise technology management. 

Adam has served in progressive roles leading technology and business intelligence (BI) teams for a Fortune 70 telecommunications leader, an upscale retail department store chain, a four-state healthcare network, a large community college and a PBS affiliate television station. A “positive deviant” and entrepreneur, he is a frequent guest speaker, author, and event contributor. As a servant leader, he volunteers to community boards and non-profit projects related to education, technology, economic development, and planning.

Adam holds a Master’s of Science (MS) in Technology Systems Engineering and Performance Improvement (PI) from the College of Technology and Computer Science at East Carolina University (ECU), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Western Governors University, and a Bachelor’s degree (BLS) in Business from Wingate University.

Why the call-sign “Bulldog”?

Adam earned the call sign “Bulldog” in reference to his advocacy for and pursuit of positive change in each organization with which he has been affiliated.

What Adam brings to the table:

  • More than twenty years of experience in a diverse range of industries and functions – training and performance management, experience design, instructional systems design, EdTech, marketing communications, systems engineering and enterprise technology management
  • A passion for pursuing and advocating on behalf of positive change, technologically and otherwise
  • He is an entrepreneur, a frequent guest speaker, author and event contributor

Four things you might not know about Adam:

  • Adam is known as “The Charlotte Shoe Man” and offers a pay-it-forward ministry restoring and gifting vintage and high quality dress shoes to those in his community. #CLTshoeMan
  • He has a large collection of historic newspapers and headlines with some dating back to pre-America.
  • Adam loves music and has a curated collection of vintage vinyl records
  • He enjoys cycling and has explored much of the California Central Coast by bike