8 Key Takeaways The Engagement Dilemma: An Executive Wake Up Call


Hosted by
Casey Cunningham,
XINNIX CEO and Founder

Executive Contributors:

Fobby Naghmi
SVP, Eastern Division Manager,
Planet Home Lending

Steve Adamo
US Head of Home Lending,
Santander Bank

Ron Zach
President & CEO,
NRL Mortgage

Rich Phillips
Executive VP Sales,
American Mortgage Service Company

When we are putting people into the workforce, one of the biggest challenges we often face is employee engagement. Not only is it challenging, it’s incredibly important. Engagement is about occupying, attracting or involving someone’s interest. It’s about getting them to lean in and participate to become more involved.

At XINNIX, it is our mission to truly change the future of our industry. We want to help leaders consider the possibilities for their own organizations so we brought together some of the industry’s very best executive leaders to share what they have done to shift the production curve and increase engagement.

In this e-book we have summarized the eight key takeaways from our executive roundtable webinar, The Engagement Dilemma: An Executive Wake Up Call. We hope you find value with what these industry leaders shared.

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