“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

To be a great leader, you also need to be an exceptional planner. It’s your job to create the map that leads your team to reach their fullest potential. However, the leader shouldn’t be the only one who implements in-depth planning practices. Every member of the sales force should understand the goal of the team and determine what their role is in making that goal attainable. This all starts with the business plan. Whenever you ensure that each person on your team is following a designated plan of action, you are setting them up for incredible success!

Whenever you’re working with your team to create their individual business plans, look for these key areas of information:

  1. What is an employee’s business vision? This involves where they would like to see themselves in the future, approximately three to five years down the road.
  2. What are their business goals for the upcoming year? Loan officers should specify their desired income, their desired production, the number of units they want to sell, and their anticipated mix of purchase and refinance business.
  3. How will they achieve these goals? They should specify what sources they will use and how many units they plan to get from each source.
  4. What are the tactics for achieving each strategy? Break these practices down into daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

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