With today’s focus on new and emerging technology, it can be easy for loan officers to rely on electronic, automated solutions to gain new business instead of putting forth their full efforts to reach potential customers and referral sources. While keeping up with technological advances is vital to staying relevant in our industry, the timeless fundamental practices of a natural self-promoter are irreplaceable. Incredible self-promoters are those who effectively and consistently stand out from the competition and make known their clear and unique value proposition. They are actively seeking the attention of their leads and refuse to be ignored until they have it.

However, they do not simply make a lot of noise. They know how to make the right kind of noise. Great self-promoters strategically plan how to market themselves to each audience they need to reach. Specifically, they follow these three steps:

  1. Position themselves correctly in front of their Key Targets®
  2. Create a memorable style
  3. Consistently reach out to leads using multiple touches

This month, we’re going to be deep diving into each one of these steps. Be sure to check back each week to learn what you need to know about becoming a powerful self-promoter!

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