As the nation’s leader in performance training programs for mortgage industry professionals, we have unique insight into the hiring trends of our industry. It’s clear that the solution to creating capacity was building new talent. While we see that new talent is being used to meet current demands, we also know that most companies are hiring new talent for their future needs and will continue this practice well into 2021.

Last year, we released the first Annual XINNIX New Loan Officer Profile revealing a clear picture of those LOs entering our industry. With the expansion of our proven New Talent Development Programs, we can now provide valuable data on the operations, consumer direct and sales support professionals entering our industry as well as those on the retail sales side. This year with the surge of companies hiring new talent, we nearly tripled the number of students who were surveyed for last year’s profile. We invite you to utilize this profile as both an educational resource and a hiring and recruiting tool for your 2021 plans.

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